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VelociRapture's Confessionals - Aubrette's new Piercings

Looks VelociRapture's Confessionals - Aubrette's new Piercings

Hey again VaM community! This is my second installation of the VellociRapture Confessionals series. Hope you enjoy! I had alot of fun making this one and finding my groove.

Screenshot 2023-09-18 142526.png

Aubrette's Confession
Getting my nipples pierced was an impulsive decision, but I thought it would be a great addition to my aesthetic. I've heard stories before of what could happen but I never had any issues with my lip piercing so I figured why worry? But as soon as the needle pierced my nipples, the cold metal against my sensitive skin, I felt a surge that spread throughout my entire body. I began to ache, and I could feel myself getting wetter with every movement.

The sensitivity of my nipples has only intensified in the following days. Every time I walk by a fan or feel the breeze from an air conditioner, they perk up and it is as if the nerve endings have increased tenfold. Even the slightest stimulation is enough to send waves of pleasure through my body.

At this point I can't get enough of touching myself. I've taken to masturbating multiple times a day, and it's becoming increasingly difficult to focus on anything else. The sensation of lightning trailing from the metallic prongs all the way down to my clit is overwhelming. I've even found myself letting a muffled moan slip out at work, I can only pray none of my coworkers heard.

I have found myself fantasizing about being with other people… The thought of someone else touching me and stimulating my nipples is enough to make my brain melt. I want someone to pin me down and take me, to feel their tongue and lips all over me, I want someone to push their cock deep inside me and make me scream with pleasure. The barrage of these sensations and fantasies is beginning drive me insane.

As I confess these frustrations to you now, Father VelociRapture, I am already soaking wet. I can feel my panties sticking to my skin, and the incessant thrum of my pulsating clit between my legs. I'm barely able to control myself anymore, all I want is to get home to my apartment where I can spread my legs on my couch and relieve myself with my own hands. The feeling of my fingers rubbing against my clit and diving into my pussy, waves of pleasure coursing through my body to release me from this constant state of arousal.


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