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A new plugin Var Looks Scanner is released:
What can I do with it?

It scans all your var files for person looks, automatically makes a photo for each look with your customized pose, scene background, lighting and camera perspective and save the looks to your chosen folder with the photos. You can quickly load the looks into scenes later. By looking into the shot photos, you can also easily check the quality of looks, verify whether some looks are missing hair, clothes, morphs and decide to delete or repair those looks.

How to use it?

Download the archive, extract to VaM root folder to overwrite files.

Start a VaM scene with a person, add VarScanner.dll plugin to the person, a camera will appear.

Adjust the camera position, lights, scene and person pose to your most favorite, open the custom UI of VarScanner and press Start Scan button

The plugin will start taking photo for every person in your var files and save them to the specified folder which by default is Saves/Person/appearance/Vars


When you have many(thousands of) var files, it could happen some var files are outdated or broken and cannot load into VaM. The plugin processes vars in alphabetical sequence, and stops at broken var files. So, by looking at the file names of already processed looks at break point, you can easily find broken var files to remove/repair.

If you closed cammera by mistake by pressing wrong button "skip screenshot", you can always remove the plugin and add it back again to show the camera again.
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