Vanessa/Vanny FnaF security breach

Looks Vanessa/Vanny FnaF security breach 1

same for me. for some reason, cua manager doesnt see hat as asset. same with the game
Love the work that you put off in this but one problem, when i use Cuamanager plugin on vanessa her hat does not work.
Hmm, that sounds more like a CUAManagaer issue, I use cuamanager to bring her to scenes and seems to work just fine.
great work on V
Absolutely love this model. Quick question about Vanny's mask - one version says emission and the other doesnt. How exactly do you get the eyes to glow with emissive? I'm trying to use the clothing plugin but its not detecting the mask
I messed up and both are Emissive, to make them glow you just need to turn on post magics bloom and mess around with the settings.
Very nicee!
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