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Vam To Daz 2

Other Vam To Daz 2

EDIT: 12/9/23 16:21 Fixed link to correct file. If your app always says no Daz content path found please redownload

This is a bug fix for VAM morph files that contain more vertices than what the stock Daz model contains. This could lead to Daz morphs that would crash Daz studio. The application will now discard any vertex ID greater than the stock model.

New: If no Daz content path is found the tool will save the files into a folder where the exe is located.

Rebuilt the tool with AIO packaging, this means the tool builds in all the required .net 6 files it needs to run. This makes the exe file much larger but means you no longer have to install the correct version of .net 6
Updated file drop to catch if only the vmb file existed.
Signed the executable with a self certification. This makes some of the more temperamental scanners on Virus total happy.

Now converts Bones and Mesh morphs.
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