The Party Room (Environment Only)

Scenes The Party Room (Environment Only) 2.0

The Party Room (Revamp = 287k KB file)
The layout uses the AptJacuzzi footprint (removed from previous version)

2 Scenes Included (Day & Night)
Basic Marie & Lee are loaded - ready to be replaced with your models

Global Scene Features
All floors + countertop have reflective (non-collision Glass) coating 0.1 above their surface.
Floor and Wall textures are included.
Walls, mirrors, furniture, fixtures and doors should all have collisions on.
All doors are operational via Pose directories included.
Presets and Poses included for skies and theme lights. (some skybox assets may be required)
All lights should be default Quality Shading and most with Shadows on.
2 atmospheric Directional Lights without shadows included. (should be off by default)

Not everything pictured is included... such as wall art images and some assets.
I still haven't toyed with Lighting rigs - if this lighting is inferior, I apologize.
Although this uses all Free stuff - it can be FPS intensive.
Everything but Doors are Hidden.
Doors & Lights have (A) before their names so they show up first when Show Hidden turned on.
Less used Hidden items are ranked from ZA (such as Laptop & Remotes) - ZN (skies & theme light) - ZZ (structural walls)

Accurate Asset Dependencies (should be able to ignore others)
Coastline ( Scenes - Sunny Coastline | Virt-A-Mate Hub ( )

Foyer (Day / Night)
Foyer (Day).jpg
Foyer (Night).jpg

Foyer Features
Operational doors
Patio Light

Living Room (Day/Night)
View (Day).jpg
View (Night).jpg

Beach (Day).jpg
Beach (Night).jpg

Living (Day).jpg
Living (Night).jpg

Living Room Features
TV + TV Light
Ceiling Light
Floor Lamp
Yoga Mat
Extra Large Window with view of beach below

Kitchen (Day / Night)
Kitchen (Day).jpg
Kitchen (Night).jpg

Kitchen Features
Kitchenette (asset required)
Refrigerator + Fridge Light (Fridge asset required)
Table + Chairs
Ceiling Light
Neon Heart Wall Light (13 presets included)

Bathroom (Day / Night)
Bath (Day).jpg
Bath (Night).jpg

Bathroom Features (Additional Assets may be required)
Sink + Hand Towel Bar
Toilet + TP (fake) + Toilet Brush
Shower Towel Bar
Shower + Glass shower door
Shower Water + Steam (assets not included)
Main + Shower ceiling lights

Bedroom (Day / Night)
Bedroom (Day).jpg
Bedroom (Night).jpg

Bed (Day).jpg
Bed (Night).jpg

Closet (Day).jpg
Closet (Night).jpg

Bedroom Features
Ceiling Light
His and Her Nightstand Lamps
Bed + 2 Pillow Props (collisions off on at least His)
Desk + Chair + Laptop (w/light)
TV + TV light
Skylight over pillow area
2 Walk-in Closets
His Closet includes Ceiling Light + Shelf + Clothes Rod
Her Closet includes Ceiling Light + secrets (not shown - some not included)

Big thanks to all contributors who have made their creations free that are used in this Scene and hell, even to those creators whose content isn't used in these scenes.

Hope you enjoy!
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