The Graves - Wispers from the past 1939 EP02 - *Unexpected Guests*

Scenes The Graves - Wispers from the past 1939 EP02 - *Unexpected Guests* 4

Wow! The best immersive story I've came across up to now. Love it!
i love it
great (love those actors funny "voices" too)
I Haven't played it yet, but just wanted to say this: Your other scenes were so entertaining that it's a given that I had to download this as soon as I saw the 'Wispers from the past'. I'm actually invested and want to see the story unfold. 4 stars just off of the quality of your past scenes.
Damn you make some great scenes! Just wondering what var file i need for the bedroom in Carls scene? Thought i had all the requirements but the bed and room is still missing out of that scene.
this is not my kind of thing and the i dont like the voice overs but wow this is a showcase of what can be done! So much work. Ambitious!
Great Work again.
One of m favorite creator is back.
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