The crypt of the Pharaoh

Scenes The crypt of the Pharaoh 1.0

The Pharaoh has recently passed and is visited by a mysterious woman seeking to gain his spirit.
She holds great admiration and love for the dead Pharaoh and is in deep pain over his untimely death. Her agenda is to one day sit on the throne as the new Pharaoh and to make Egypt great again.

The Golden Idol is an ancient artifact used to awaken the dead for a short time, but must first be charged with the lifeforce of youthful lust.
It was recently rediscovered by the mysterious woman who secretly visits the dead Pharaoh in the night.

Scene merging for fast load time between scenes
Moan sounds
VR friendly
Relatively small disc space required

Special thanks to AcidBubbles for the model which i modified to become more egytian looking <3
First release
Last update
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