Standing Full Nelson

Scenes Standing Full Nelson 2

Standing Nelson Pose with animation through the AutoGensThruster plugin. Feedback appreciated.

UPDATE: I have opted to use a default female model (In this case, the Kayla model) to assure that people can swap between appearances of their own choice.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Have both High Quality Physics and Soft Body Physics activated in the beginning. After that, customize to your liking. UPDATE: I also recommend that you disable the Soft Body Physics for the breasts through the F Breasts Physics 2 tab in the female model's section. You won't use the majority of the upper body anyway, so disabling it helps to avoid any potential collision crashes. during animation.


V-Input for the AutoGensThruster plugin.
Cs Digital Studio for the anal morph.
Spacedog for the penis and balls morphs.
WeebU for penis morphs.
hazmhox for the VamMoan plugin.
JaxZoa for the drool clothing.
cotyounoyume for the tears clothing.
AshAuryn for the expressions.
Androinz for the mascara (which was difficult to find in the first place).
VAMJFD for the mouth textures on the female model.
Damarmau for the muscle morphs on the male model.

UPDATE: I added more buttons to play the animation in a less complicated way. I've also made sure to add a speed slider for the thrust speed, as well as two options for the motions of the thrust. Also, make sure to use the Align Penis toggle to insert the penis during the animation, but also toggle it off when it's inside.

As always, models are of course swappable. However, be aware of collision crashes, especially for this scene. Be aware that the female model can become very unstable if you choose the wrong respective model size. UPDATE: The female model in this update is scaled to the default setting. It should make way for easier swaps between models.

Another side note: Both models, as well as the UI buttons, are linked to a Master_Root node from the beginning to be able to move around everything at once. However, be aware that I also physically linked the male model's feet to the node as well, so unlink the feet before you start moving everything ;)
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