Looks Skye 2

An older look I updated for the Miss International contest.

v2 - Custom sculpted uniboob added

Includes original model appreance preset

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Juno_Skye_Uniboob (4).png

Juno - Submission2 - Miss England.png

Roac for the lush hair
Kemanate for the eyeliner and candy brows
Hunting-Succubus for the enhanced eyes
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 18 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Uniboob sculpt

    Got to grips with blender sculpting and decided Skye should get the uniboob she deserves...
  2. missing morph

    Update to a morph.

Latest reviews

So i found Naiomi by Juno now found skye and she is even more hotter damn this is insane.
My new fravorite is Skye.
You just do making humans better than the rest. What a bod!
What a rack!
Amazing! can the uniboob morph work for other models?
Im afraid its doesn't work too well for other girls. I always wanted to make some more moprhs but hey the time it takes vs the reward is just not worth my time to do for the leechers that dont even click a like or 2. 35k dls and 60 likes 16 reviews.....
A goddess sent to us, perfect.
Great look
Love the skin texture.
Thanks Great Work!
Exceptional work love the uniboob! Any plans to release the morph at all?
Thanks for the review! I should be able to get a uniboob morph as I originally created just the breasts on a blank model. Il see if its a quick thing I can roll into the update.
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