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This is my first scene. If you find any major errors let me know. It's taken a while to make all these assets.. I could have spent more time on this just wanted to get something out.

This scene uses the amazing Acidbubbles Timeline so has multiple scenes in a single scene.
I've also added some poses in for good measure.
Thanks to:
Nial for the inspiration on how to create this kind of scene.
Hunting Succubus for the awesome realistic eyes.

The scene has audio just as a warning. I sourced this from a royalty-free sample library.

To install, place all the .vars in the VAM\AddonPackages folder.
Then launch from the 'Everyone' Tab or load the scene from the package shortcut.

You might need to remove the nun's robe on some poses :)
I haven't animated the person 'control' so you can change the position slightly if needed

Any feedback appreciated.

Make sure you download the dependencies!



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  1. Fixed Missing Dependency

    Fixed Missing Dependency + reduce the lip sync amount

Latest reviews

Nice job, reminded me of those old Mario Salieri movies. 👍🏼
Just wow. Incredibly well made. Especially the little details bring the usability to another Level.

My Favourite feature are the different Pose Buttons. This is such a nice and easy way to enjoy all the different poses that are available without having to use the clunky vam interface.
EDIT: Complicated but not clunky. Sorry Meshed. I found "Pose Presets" and the "keep open Checkbox"

Please, if possible, add more poses or a scene that allows for customization of the available poses.

Just great work. Thanks for sharing.
10 out of 5 (amazing)
great work , thanks for sharing
runs very well, alot of work went into this
Thank mribb66! Yes it took a bit of work. I learnt a lot along the way tho. The next one should be easier.
This is absolutely incredible! One of the best scenes I've ever experienced. Thanks so much for sharing!
Thanks for the compliment! I got a lot of inspiration from awsome community.
This is very unique and innovative, and I love the fact that there is a clear context and story.
Thanks SCAMP looking forward to making more
Love it!
Thanks Atlas!
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