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SG girl

Looks SG girl 1.0

Hello again!
I'm honestly finishing the presentations speech here and how to make them (already), but without further ado I present you this time around, a sort of "look-a-like" of the girl you saw in a certain Netflix show. Sadly as we all know, she didn't make it but in my own "universe" she did, and so there you have it.
If someone already did her, which I'm sure, I couldn't find her. So I made my own, as always, but how's the saying goes "The more, the merrier".

VaM 2022-11-23 11-44-12.png

VaM 2022-11-23 11-46-09.pngVaM 2022-11-23 11-47-19.pngVaM 2022-11-23 11-49-26.png

As always, if there's any problem you might encounter during your usage of this girl, do let me know!
And of course, hope you'll like her!


Credits for the resources used:
- Epi
- Hunting-Succubus
- NoStage3
- VRDollz
- MonsterShinkai (for the poses)
- Luminestrial (for the poses)
First release
Last update
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