I know you guys like to add Titty Magic to my models, and I do that too. Regina is the first of mine to come with TittyMagic with included presets for nudity as well as to create an impressive cleavage for some of her clothing items.

Regina, 37 from Berlin, Germany. During the days Regina works as a teacher, but during the night, she becomes a leather-clad dominatrix in her local BDSM group. The group has bought an old STASI-cellblock where they practice their hobby. Regina is known throughout Germany and Europe for her beauty, huge, hanging tits and her stern ways with the whip. She's been featured in several international BDSM magazines and on websites.

Regina was born in East Germany, the DDR, and her father was an officer in the Nationale Volksarmee, the East German army. He raised his four children like it was a military regiment and instilled rigorous discipline. Regina makes use of that in her everyday work as a teacher ("Ordnung Muss Sein"), as well as in her hobby. She is divorced, because her ex-husband was not very understanding of her BDSM hobby.

Regina is bisexual. Her favourite sex is getting her pussy eaten. Every BDSM evening at Regina's Dungeon is crowned by some lucky guy or gal being ordered to eat out Regina's pussy while she, aroused by an entire evening of torturing sex slaves, enjoys screaming, moaning, thigh-shaking orgasm after orgasm.

1678011357.jpg 1678104325.jpg 1678011473.jpg1678104352.jpg
Thses are the posed scenes included

Place the VAR in your AddonPackages folder and run in VAM. Choose either of the four scenes to load and save the look from there. Regina comes with three plugin presets for TittyMagic. These are loaded from Plugins/presets.

Thank You to the following creators whose work made Regina possible: AcidBubbles, DJ_Clem, Everlaster, Paledriver, Roac, Kemenate, Riddler, TGC, OptiMist, YUM_VAM, VamTastic, VRDollz and NoStage3.


Environment not inluded


During the day, Regina is a teacher. During the Night, she's a man-eating dominatrix. Environment not included

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"I know you guys like to add Titty Magic to my models"
You don't say? :D
lol I think I'm gonna start including presets for TittyMagic for all my characters
Regina is a teacher...If she was my teacher i nerver missed a day at school...
Me neither. But there would not be a lot of learning, just a lot of staring down her cleavage lol
Damn mathbook can't open the pages all sticky. Oh my, finally a real techer. I hope a get detention and some spanking with the cain. I am a very bad student.
Yeah if you've been a bad boy, Regina might throw you into her dungeon!
Wow! gotta love the thiccness! good job on this one! and again, I love your story-telling!
Thanks! Yeah this one is very thicc in all the right places! :D
Time to cumback at the shool <3
Don't forget to do your homework!
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