Looks Mira V1


Buzzed Hair scalp and Side shaved hairstyle

5 Lipstick options and natural lips

10 eye makeup decals

2 Pubic hair decal options

Tattoos (optional)

Custom Character morph

VaM 2020-11-05 14-32-59.png
VaM 2020-11-05 14-35-07.png
VaM 2020-11-05 14-35-39.png
VaM 2020-11-05 14-36-40.png
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Latest reviews

This is really nice. I didn't expect to like this one as much from the screenshots for some reason, but downloaded it on a whim and it is really impressive 'in person'. Well done!
Just Whooua!
This might be the most high quality model I've ever seen on the hub. Stunning, too.
I am always amazed at the wonderful unique faces that you come up with and then the textures, wow. Thanks for sharing!
Finally another decent skin to use!
whoa mama
As expected of Ren, an amazingly high quality set of textures (and options!) and a lovely figure. Thanks!
Great skin, nice tattoos, beautiful girl!
Great look and textures. The hair and scalp are excellent as well. 😍
beyond hot. great skin
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