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Mid Heel Shoes

Clothing Mid Heel Shoes hub hosted


These shoes took surprisingly long! But now that I've made a pair, the next shoes should go faster.

These shoes come with a HeelAdjust preset. You need to download and install prestigitis' HeelAdjust plugin to use the preset. I highly recommend this plugin so that you can view the shoes as intended.

prestigitis heel adjust plugin - download var (for VaM https://mega.nz/file/kHh3hZjY#wzqPPJjGmh7Um4DdfN0ddSJ5c0lp_cFWb199I8HmKAI

prestigitis01/09/2020 - Discord Thread https://discord.com/channels/363274293112602636/647848785288101889/664991511066312715
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Cute shoes!!!!
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Best outfits. The Combinations are endless. A Preset pack with all the different combinations would be a gamechanger.
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Clean, solid & fits well
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