Medusa Sleeps VR (Futa Version)

Scenes Medusa Sleeps VR (Futa Version) 2023-01-24

This one took some doing. I was going to upload this yesterday but I had some texture issues.
I baked the textures from my Medusa look to the G2m model UVs and created a new cock defuse and normal map to add some variety. I also created a new futa version of the snakes and the tribal wrap by immyneedscake. I liked the way it looks on the female version, and I wanted the futa version to have the same so I can swap the characters around for a future optional transformation scene. I kept the original on the female look and as a dependency out of respect.


Damn, I only just noticed I missed the material for one of the fang loops. It's going to bug me but it's staying like that, its a separate material so I can't just change the texture... I mean...It's supposed to look like that. Grrrrrr

I also added a metal cock hoop as a separate item.


You may need to reset the snake sim, as I added supplementary colliders to the breasts, and they can lag on loading and send the snakes flying.

It's the same as the first scenes VR version, but I moved the hidden collider. I referenced the VAR from my VR version for the scene and the morphs to save duplicating them. The "animation 1"/"morphs" in timeline should reference the four snake bump morphs from the original. Let me know if there are any issues.

Thanks to
AcidBubbles for Timeline
AshAuryn for the poses and expression
Capatian Varghoss for the rotator plugin on the water
Hunting-Succubus for the eye reflections
ICannotDie and NoStage3 for the hair.
PluginIdea for the Volumetric lighting used for the mist and particle effects
Theuf and WeebUVR for the wet hair conversion
immyneedscake for the Tribal Wrap
Jackaroo for the Water Lilly temple I've desecrated.
klphgz for the standing pose
Ky1001 for the Headlightlink and the adjustment.
MacGruber for the Life Plugin
SupaRioAmateur for the nails
Thanks as always WeebUVR for the Gens Morphs and Geo.

New Scenes with some actual sexual content in it coming soon. I just wanted to get the looks, clothes and environment out first for people to play with.

Feel free to add anything you want to my requests page. Most of the stuff I make is from there or requests in the forum.
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Wow not just futa, you put some work down there lol , well done.
Thank you. I learned alot doing this. Plenty more to come.
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