Male Smegma

Clothing Male Smegma 2021-11-04

I'm not one to yuck someone else's yum, but I'm fighting the urge to cry out "WHY!?".

But I appreciate it because I've never actually seen smegma in my life, and I never dared google it so I can only assume that this is very well done. Thank you (???) for providing such a unique asset to the VAM community that virtually no one asked for (except Tokobak, who I'm happy to see is open about his depravity).

Smegma... Jesus Christ...

Five stars. Legitimately terrific lol
“ virtually no one asked for” Haha exactly.
Thank you for reviewing!
Pretty decent looking, could possible work better with foreskin. I'm the depraved guy who wanted this for a long time and this addon definitely does not disappoint!

A more advanced version could be modular and include smaller "chunks" (if you will) to allow for progressive "cleaning". Yes I really am depraved.

Thanks for an awesome addon :)
I updated resource to meet your review! Please try it!
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