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VaM 2022-12-12 17-55-44.png
VaM 2022-11-23 09-04-40.png

VaM 2022-11-23 09-09-02.png
VaM 2022-11-23 09-14-11.png

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Latest updates

  1. v2 reworked looks

    first of all big thanks to THNL883 for the feedback and initial fix , without him i don't think...

Latest reviews

Deserves another 5 stars for the update.Thank you for getting back to it and making this v2, is even better now.
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Looking better than ever
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Exceptional work. very nice!
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Easily the best Excella Gionne model you made. She's so sexy
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fcking legend!
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Amazing! More RE Please!
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Amazing indeed.I love what you did with the textures, everything else is on point too, but textures are next level, those details...Thanks, BooMoon
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10/10 thanks boomoon!
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