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Looks Lagertha 1

A Viking Shield Maiden from a popular TV series. This is my second attempt at a TV show character, I was surprised at how well Aslaug did so thought I would do more :) The package includes a scene and an appearance preset.


Currently working on Torvi so watch this space!

I originally uploaded this as a scene but a community member suggested I put it in the looks category so here it is. Apologies if this causes any confusion but I'm new to this and couldn't figure out how to change the category on the resource I'd already created.
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I'm a Viking fan, like it right away, but Lagertha just missed it. I would like to work on face a little more and it would be cool
Thanks for the review. What tweaks do you think it needs?
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Your 1st attempt was better in my opinion , If need please feel free to use my aslaug look with credit ofcourse . Not blowing my own horn etc LOL but she could help . , her head needs to be not as wide but its a good start point i think ...
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Thank you, I really appreciate the feedback. Always looking to improve!
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