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KWB Series - Monday

Looks KWB Series - Monday 4


Part of my seven part series: Monday, something soft and sweet to start your week off right

Had to nix the gender bended thing to get the dependencies fixed. I'll try to fix it later on down the line.

Please note, I am a talentless hack. Anything I have used that belongs to someone else will be removed by request; anything I did not credit can be found in the sidebar thingy. Please support the creators who created the creations I used to create things, so they can create more things for me to create more things.
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Latest updates

  1. fixed the hair

    shoutout to justahat for letting me know
  2. Dependency Fix/Single Gender

    Damarmau taught me how to actually fix the dependencies. praise be. enjoy! I'm having to fiddle...
  3. Gender Bending Update

    Made tweaks to appearance for the original model, and added a gender bended twin

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Lovely big girls
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Love the thiccness!
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Kindly add a preview picture for the models
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