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Kunoichi Hair

Hairstyles Kunoichi Hair 3

Kunoichi Hair 4K.jpg

It's finally here, a hair pack for all of your finest ninjas!

As you can tell from the lovely model Kannika (who shall be released for all patrons this weekend!), there are a total of 10 different hair parts, all of which are highly modular and can be used in many combinations. You can even use them all together at the same time, however I wouldn't recommend it if you value your FPS.

An important feature for the pony tails:
I finally found out how to make both the scalp and the ponytail one piece, while maintaining the ability to change the curls, length, and just the overall shape of the ponytail without messing up the scalp. I've included two styles for each one, but don't let that stop you from digging into the settings and changing around the curl sliders (Except for the curl midpoint and curve power, those might mess things up). You can get quite a few different results just by moving those curls around!

As before, I made a copy of the folder for both genders, however I have not tested the male version myself. I've also reduced the curve density and hair multipliers for better performance, so just increase those to improve quality at the cost of potential frame loss. Any other issues, let me know!

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Latest updates

  1. New version for Sakura hair compatibility.

    New version for Sakura hair compatibility.
  2. Free Release Is Here!

    Early Access Period has ended, get it for free now! VAR resource directly linked to the hub.

Latest reviews

God bless you sir !
one of my favs when comes to emo girls, haha. thank you so much
Everyone loves emo girls 😍
These are simply amazing. Very possibly some of the best hair available for VaM.
Appreciate your review! I hope you get a lot of use out of them.
I got this thinking, yea they look pretty decent. Downloaded it, installed, add it to one of my figures... and DAAAAAAANG!!! This is extremely well done! Seriously though, the pictures for advertising this doesn't fully give them justice (no offense to the creator.) We have been seriously lacking on ponytails in VaM (the few existing ponytails we we already had always had this weird thing going on at the back where the ponytail attached to the head.) This being the first pack of multiple ponytails, I was a little skeptical, but this is honestly the best styles I've seen in VaM period.

If you like ponytails, Don't wait for this one. Its worth supporting this creator!

PS: I'm not trying to oversell this, I'm seriously blown away with these hairs.
Thank you for your kind words! Yeah I am aware I'm not the best photo taker here, I'm more of a hair specialist than an advertiser. Hopefully someday I improve there!
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