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For this scene I recommend turning off soft body physics.
Hey guys, I am KittyMocap - a girl who likes to create mocap animations in VAM.
Enjoy them and follow me on Twitter for new animations!
Support me on Patreon for private mocaps and you can ask me for any mocap you want there!


Look Aurabelle by Verdonioa
Look Tizzy the Goblin by Glam
Look Axton by Jocks3D

Asset Wands by AWWalker
Asset Mage and Martian by Farger
Asset Large Portal by MasterOfNails
Asset Animated Black Cat and Crow by Matt
Asset Switchblade by ptrxxx

Plugins Timeline and Glance by Acid Bubbles
First release
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5.00 star(s) 4 ratings

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You can do magic! Thank you for all the wonderful scenes like this that you share.
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Really cool scene.
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A very nice, free scene from the famous KittyMocap.

Here, she shows not only again her unmatched skills as one of the best , maybe even THE best erotic mocap artist to find today.
Once more, she also proofs us impressively her innovative and creative mind, as well as her technical skills to set everything in scene all by herself alone.

5 stars worth for me.
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