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Jenni may look like the girl next door, and in a lot of ways she is: she can be sweet and kind -- if you treat her right. But she also knows what she's worth, and she doesn't have time to put up with anyone's shit. Jenni's a girl who knows what she wants, and if you play your cards right, and treat her with the respect she deserves, you might just find out what it is, but you'd better know that she's going to get it...and she won't be gentle.

She's not a career woman, but she gets by just fine; she'd rather spend her time on the things she enjoys. Jenni's a skilled soccer player, and loves video games (and trust me, she can absolutely keep up with you), and her dog. As a friend, she might seem like just one of the guys, but if you get to know her better, you'll find out that she is all woman.

@Hunting-Succubus - Enhanced Eyes and Enhanced Eyelid Blender, as always
@kemenate - Female Body Hair (Brows Janie & Brows Scalp)
@SCAMP - Pussy Hair Paradise, Jennifer Pubes
@vecterror - Universal Morph Collection
@TenStrip - Morphs (for genital shaping)
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