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Idle Movements Mocap

Scenes Idle Movements Mocap 2020-05-11

Idle movements mocap by VamTimbo
First release
Last update
4.90 star(s) 10 ratings

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Latest reviews

This scene you created, back in the early days, still one of the great ones.
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Great scene. Thank you for your work !
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Thank you for this scene! I have a question--is there any way to "reset" the animation so that the model starts over, or do I have to reload the scene when the model is done and sitting down? Thanks again.
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Perfect for reviewing models
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Beautiful work! Great for showing off the models
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Love motion capture stuff.
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This is an excellent showcase for new models! Great capture.
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Truly incredible- Showcases natural movement so well! I look forward to more.
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Simply an awesome scene for testing out a look.
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Love it!
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