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(Important) Description of Player Edition:
The Player Edition has complete functions and does not affect the normal use effect. In other words, for example, a creator used this plug-in to create a scene for players to play. Players only need to download this Player Edition to experience all the effects brought by this plugin in the scene, without any additional operations. This is more convenient for creators to share. But if you need to customize the content of this plug-in or want to use it in other scenarios, You need to activate the Creator Edition. please support the author's development. Go to the support page through the link in the plugin panel And Get the activation code of the Creator Edition.

Are you often troubled by the fact that VAM has no reliable volume light effect? Actually, VAM itself is already a game that consumes a lot of performance, while volume lighting is a frame-eating monster, especially when the number of lights in your scene is gradually increasing. Besides, as a post-processing technology, volume illumination technology has to be questioned whether it can support VR or not.

From this point of view, the traditional volume lighting technology has actually lost its meaning in VAM. What we want is actually a low-consumption volume light technology: it basically doesn't need to consume too much performance to achieve the effect of approaching the real volume light.

Today, it comes! An ultra-high performance volume light technology based on mesh simulation.


Volume is a sharp weapon to render the atmosphere of a scene. For example, The volume light effect in the stage below is powered by this plugin :

This is an extremely powerful automatic stage system driven by music. It has been officially released now. If you are interested in it, you can visit its official Hub page : https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/sonic-stage-2-the-ultimate-dancing-scene-creation-suite.25992/

As its name suggests, it has some obvious advantages:

1. It consumes almost no performance, which means that you can use it a lot in VAM scenes without worrying about dropped frames.
2. It doesn't depend on real lights (you can completely turn off your own lighting effects after mounting this plug-in on the lights), so that you can arrange a large number of volume lighting effects in the scene (hundreds of them have no pressure) without basically dropping frames.
3. Maximize the original volume light effect without any performance loss.
4. Add additional simulated lighting simulation to make the lighting closer to the reality (for example, it will become dazzling when it is directly illuminated by the light. When you deviate from the viewing angle, the halo will gradually weaken).
5. Support VR! (Native volume light is a post-processing technology. To be honest, the technology is applied in VAM, and VR support may have to be questioned).

Simple instructions for use :

Add this plugin to the light atom and set the light type to Spotlight (important). At this time, the volume light effect should have been displayed normally.


Description of some parameters of plug-in :

Parameter introduction video :

How to make a fake Spot Light that doesn't consume performance?

Dust particles: used to simulate the dust particles in the display when the central light is illuminated.

Light ball: Light ball is used to simulate the dazzling light of electric lights in reality.
1. extra brightness of the light ball: the extra brightness of the light ball when the camera looks directly at the light in the light column. It is used to simulate the sudden change of brightness of human eyes entering the beam of spotlights.
2. Basic brightness of the light ball: the brightness of the light ball when the camera looks at the back of the spotlight.

Volume light: controls the specific visual effect of volume light column.
1. Real-time with parameters: This is an optimization option. When you adjust a light effect, if the light effect no longer needs to change in real time. You can uncheck it to improve the plug-in performance.

Noise: simulate the effect of fog flow in the light column.

Rendering Order: Adjust the rendering order of effects. If you find that the transparent objects in the scene do not render properly under volume light, try to increase this value.

Here are some practical effects :

Under VR effect display :

Creadit :
- Some of the UI code references MacGrubber's MacGrubber_Utils.cs
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