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Edit may 2021: Consider this morph as obosolete now, use https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/neck-fix-morphs.6749/

Morph merger has the option of splitting single morph into head and body morphs, but it does not work very well if the height was changed.

That's mean the when applying the morph to default body, it will cause the face to go inside the body.

This morph can help to compensate back that height back and try to fix the issue.

Add VAR into addon folder and search for morph
  • "Head_XYZ_position" for Y axis fix,
  • "Aerith-Sexy-Jar-Head_Z_position_fix" for Z axis fix (eg. Aerith/any morph imported from g8f that have Z axis issue)
and dial to 1 or -1 or more accordingly.




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Latest reviews

Actually enabled a full customization of many XX-head & XX-body morphs.
Good job indeed.
this is actually a lifesaver for me. helps me easily use the bodies of 1 model on another. Thank you
Nice work, this is a great solution to the issue with some morph merges.

However, there are also a few morphs I have encountered which actually have the same area move on a Z axis (front to back) rather than the Y axis (up and down). Would it be possible for you to make a version that has Z axis fix as well? Greatly appreciate this either way!
Can you refer to me the looks that have that issue? post it in the discussion.
awesome morph fixed issue i've come across with multiple looks
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