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There's nothing like a crop top to help with keeping boob sweat down on a hot summer day, but sometimes you need more! In this short animation, Hannah shows you how she cools off after getting in out of the heat.

Higher quality (slower loading): https://slushe.com/video/hannah-s-boob-drop-73068.html

Notes and issues for this scene:
- You need this: https://yameteouji.wixsite.com/store/product-page/t-shirtv2-tutorial
- You want this: *link to JackARoos' earrings*
- Environment and clothes are altered from the original gif/pics, for copyright reasons. And because damn, shorts look good on her. (The pic at the top of this post is representative.)
- Animation controls are on the couch.
-If her shirt gets stuck on her hands, Play ("Show") will detach it.
- Physics settings can affect her heavily. Depending on your system, Update Cap of 1 and physics rate of 60hz will give you smooth fast animation, but soft parts (lips, face) might act a little floppy. Higher update cap and rate fixes this, but puts her in slow-mo.
- Her hands idle with her body until you Play the first time. Then Timeline takes over control from being parented and they become static. Would love a solution to this.
- The animation is fine-tuned with her clothing; invisible shapes help move her hair. Sadly, this is probably not an animation that will work well if you change the character (or much of anything) unless you're up for re-tweaking a lot.

If you like my always-free releases: I've been a bit better lately about putting up bonus extras as thanks for my Patrons.
For this release, I made an album of nice artistic shots (see below), including some extra poses... including going bottomless... :eek:
Get the full thing and ALL my patron-only content here. I'm cheap! 😅

But whether it's as a Patron, or just a thumbs Up (y), I truly appreciate all your awesomely motivational support!! The VAMiverse is the best community on the Internet. 🥰
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