Grace studio private time

Paid Scenes Grace studio private time 2020-05-11

This is Grace – an American Chinese student studying in France for Music and Arts Major, she is quite found of Stromae. They say that at night in the college studio for recording, they hear some weird noises coming from the room. And every time, Grace leaves they find traces of liquids on the sofa.

The janitor grew frustrated with the daily cleaning he has to do on the Sofa every time he comes to work first thing in the morning, one day he decided to install some security cameras in the studio in order to identify the student responsible for the spillage.

And today is the day he will be reviewing the tapes.

A colaboration?
This scene was created in collaboration with TheOriginalBatatis, he's in charge of the look, lighting,physique, packaging ... and a lot of ideas and advices.

This scene works best with size Based action figures such as Grace "Which means that any of TheOriginalBatatis' Monster Girls can adapt to the scene without any problem".

For my part I took care of all the animation and sounds.

It was a huge and complex job, but we did it.

It was a real pleasure to work with him, and if you like it we hope to repeat this adventure.

How to play?
Click on Fap , then click and click faster and click ..... to make her come.

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