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Textures Eyes 1

Some eye textures I made. Iris and Sclera. Each design has color options including black and white so you can choose the color yourself in the Params.
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Latest reviews

Breathtaking! I use these on every single look, no other eyes compare!
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Wow, it's amazing.
I'm going to use it on all my looks.

Wish it wasn't so heavy on storage but good things comes in big packages I guess
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Eye Love your work!
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Riddler strikes again with yet another resource that will become an inevitable dependency in my scenes ;-) Addressing heterochromia has been long overdue. Thanks :-)
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On the one hand, these are fantastic! Being a big fan of your work, I expect to start using these in basically every scene. On the other hand, looks like y'all are about to see another dependency in my scenes? 😂
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Great! your work is always the best!
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