Eye Workshop

Morphs Eye Workshop 2

Morphs Included:

Eyeball Depth L
Eyeball Depth R
Eyeball Height L
Eyeball Height R
Eyeball Width L
Eyeball Width R
Eyeball Scale L
Eyeball Scale R
Eyeball Rotate Horizontal L
Eyeball Rotate Horizontal R
Eyeball Rotate Vertical L
Eyeball Rotate Vertical R
Eye Depth L
Eye Depth R
Eye Height L
Eye Height R
Eye Width L
Eye Width R
Eye Size L
Eye Size R
Eye Angle L
Eye Angle R
Eye Up-Down L
Eye Up-Down R
Eye Almond Inner L
Eye Almond Inner R
Eye Almond Outer L
Eye Almond Outer R
Eye Height Inner L
Eye Height Inner R
Eye Height Outer L
Eye Height Outer R
Eye Inner Depth L
Eye Inner Depth R
Eye Out Up Down L
Eye Out Up Down R
Eye Iris Size L
Eye Iris Size R
Eye Cornea Bulge L
Eye Cornea Bulge R
Eye Nose Width L
Eye Nose Width R
Eye Squint L
Eye Squint R
Eye Puffy Lower L
Eye Puffy Lower R
Eye Puffy Upper L
Eye Puffy Upper R
Eye Sag Top L
Eye Sag Top R
Eyelid Bottom Define L
Eyelid Bottom Define R
Eyelid Bottom In Height L
Eyelid Bottom In Height R
Eyelid Bottom Out Height L
Eyelid Bottom Out Height R
Eyelid Bottom Up Down L
Eyelid Bottom Up Down R
Eyelid Fold Down L
Eyelid Fold Down R
Eyelid Heavy L
Eyelid Heavy R
Eyelid Lower Height L
Eyelid Lower Height R
Eyelid Size L
Eyelid Size R
Eyelid Smooth L
Eyelid Smooth R
Eyelid Top Down L
Eyelid Top Down R
Eyelid Top In Height L
Eyelid Top In Height R
Eyelid Top Out Height L
Eyelid Top Out Height R
Eyelid Upper Height L
Eyelid Upper Height R
Lacrimal Pinch L
Lacrimal Pinch R
Lacrimal Size L
Lacrimal Size R
Pupil Dialate L
Pupil Dialate R
Pupil Slit L
Pupil Slit R

Can be used with both male and female models. All morphs have extra range.




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  1. Because humans are not perfect

    Added many eye morphs to complete the collection
  2. Added missing morphs

    Eyeball Height L and R

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Extremely useful morphs. Thanks for sharing!
A "must have" if importing custom morphs!
Super useful.
I've been looking for something like this. Excellent work.
Bro, VAM needed this for far too long. I can finally fix so many looks. Thanks)
These are the morphs I've been wanting to have for quite some time. Thank you, excellent work.
Ab brilliant. Thank you.
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