Emily Cyberware

Clothing Emily Cyberware 2

I took the Cyborg parts of @WeebUVR 's Emily Cyborg skin textures and made a geoshell version of them so it can be used with any skin preset. This was possible thanks to WeebUVR's original Emily who's clothing matches up with this and ivansx's geoshell uploaded to hub by @SupaRioAmateur .

This includes 5 presets and I also made the diffuse for it white so you can choose different colors from the in-game color picker.

10-15-2022 update:
Thanks to @mopedlampe making me a male geoshell male/futa version has been added to the var.

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Latest updates

  1. Male/Futa version added.

    Special thanks to @mopedlampe for making me a male geoshell so this update could be possible.

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Very cool
This is outstanding!
Instant 5 stars!! I love you Damarmau!!!! This cyberwear is so guud!!!
this is awesome! can't wait to try! thank you!
Cyber Elfette <3
So freaking cool. Cyber elves.. Now that's a reality I wanna live in.
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