Paid Looks Elodie 2022-05-14

Elodie is a young director of a modeling agency, she is 28 years old, she is a determined woman who manages to get everything she wants

VaM 14_05_2022 16_22_43 (2).png VaM 14_05_2022 16_20_15 (2).png VaM 14_05_2022 16_21_52 (2).png VaM 13_05_2022 18_16_05 (2).png VaM 13_05_2022 18_18_46 (2).png VaM 13_05_2022 11_49_21 (2).png VaM 12_05_2022 23_53_34.png
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Definitely my dream girl. The thing that attracting me about her is that blonde beauty, short hair and really attractive face and body.. I'm surprised she is 28! She really remind me someone from a comic that i really love. She was agent, i can't remember, it's been a while since i finish the comic. This is quality work sir, you can clearly see she have the personality.. very well creation, long wait is over for me lol i was really dreaming that girl, Keep up for the great works, want to see more in the future from you Tiseb! (Also scenes)
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