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Ellie in the Mall with Zombies as Futa or Male+ Video

Scenes Ellie in the Mall with Zombies as Futa or Male+ Video

  • Updated to latest Ellie look
  • Made changes to head animation in animaion 1
  • Changed Ellie's specular file location. This should finally fix the texture loading error
  • Changed to another LUT pack. Previous one was basically standart looking with deeper shadows and more highlights
  • Removed a dependency

This is the final update unless a critical dependency gets removed
  • Added Futa option for male. Took some time because I had to make changes to the animation to make futa alignments work properly.
  • Fixed sweath textures not loading. Previously it was loaded from the wrong path.
  • Made changes to the first animation in case you have physics issues the penis would slip out of the females hand. Now it should be fine in worst case
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