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electric pleasure 3 virani

Scenes electric pleasure 3 virani 2

The latest version update contains some changes to avoid the performance/FPS slowdown in the first version.

The clothing has had sim disabled to help FPS and stays on(removed the 'loosen' clothes options). I'm asking on the forum if there is a way to toggle clothes on/off because I don't know how to do this within the scene other than using the editor.

There is only one voice used - I removed the voice options as the underlying system was also causing a performance hit.

On a different note, I made the alpha and scale slider controls apply to the auto-dildo as well as ball.
I realized the main drag on performance/FPS are two things:

- clothes sim
- a session plugin(ActionGrouper)

If you remove clothes and disable ActionGrouper BOOL variables, you'll get your FPS back(mine went from around 20 back to 80+). Unfortunately disabling the BOOL variables at the moment disables the voice functionality. I'll be asking more about how to use the plugin better or go back to a simpler version without and updating with this changed and maybe start nude and add toggle button to add/remove clothes.
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