CP Sex scene

Scenes CP Sex scene 2021-04-15

Started as a simple sex scene based on @Reanimator 's Robyn Futa fuck scene.
I added environment and redid some of the animation. Now adding additional scenes as I have time.

3/19/21 I added a second scene to this and made some updates to the first.
4/12/21 3 new scenes added, plus some QoL changes.
4/15/21 1 new scene + some fixes.

>> button for next scene
<< button for previous scene

[ Left bracket on keyboard will toggle male pov (passenger plugin).
POV button for VR since I assume using keyboard is complicated with VR?

B button turns off the blinds/slats (useful if you want more light).
B button turns on the blinds/slats if you want them back
L button toggles extra lights as well as the ones that zoom by outside (might help with performance).
Play button for starting animation in case it stops.
Hair button to turn of sim and change shader to fast (only works with hair in the scene).

cpsex s1.jpg
cpsex s2.jpgcpsex s3.jpgcpsex s4.jpgcpsex s5.jpg1618431455.jpg
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Latest updates

  1. New scene plus some fixes

    -Scene 6 added. -Added a button to play the animation in case it stops. -A button for turning...
  2. Some QoL changes

    >> Next button on scene 5 now returns you to scene 1. B button turns off the blinds/slats...
  3. 3 new scenes added.

    Added 3 more scenes.

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very nice done. Only a shame that vam crashes every time..
First I’m hearing about crashing. When do the crashes occur? How much ram are you running?
Thought this was the dogs bollocks
Excellent work!
Keeps getting better and better!
Wow, goddamn you're amazing! Thanks for these.
im new too all this but your work seems top tier
The Gift that Keeps on Giving? Thank you
Some of the best work around!
As always, amazing!
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