CP Sex 2

Scenes CP Sex 2 2021-04-15

Fixed the controller error and corrected settings in improved pov.
Nothing has changed, no need to re-download.
Somehow a morph from some other scene got triggered instead of the built in version adding 20+ dependencies (dependency cascading really needs to be fixed on hub).
Updated to work with renamed strip club (to fix issues with it always coming up as not being downloaded hopefully).

I also added a "Play" button that should start the animation if for whatever reason it doesn't start automatically or stops for whatever reason.

I added a second version of the scene with no clothing, hair sim turned off and set to fast instead of quality to hopefully reduce memory usage and improve performance.
So that didn't work as all dependencies got removed completely so back to 44 mostly unnecessary dependencies for now.
A lot of the listed dependencies were dependencies of dependencies so I manually edited the meta json to try and reduce those down to only what is needed for this scene.

Nothing has changed with the scene or var itself.
The tessellation plugin for the male had been left in accidentally and seemed to be conflicting with the improved pov plugin or passenger and causing some errors. The removal should hopefully improve performance some.
I added an L button to toggle the background lights incase the lighting was giving you performance issues.

I also added an orgasm audio for the male with vammoan. If you are going to be swapping a futa model in you will want to go to the vammoan plugin on person#2 and pick one of the female voices instead.
Fixed some dependency issues.
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