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Contex Menu System (Undo/Redo)(VR&Desktop)

Plugins Contex Menu System (Undo/Redo)(VR&Desktop) 1.42

Perfect undo function: support atomic sub-controllers (such as character controllers):

Added a switch to undo the redo function.
In view of the situation that some users can't call out the menu in VR mode. I introduced a new method of calling out menus. If you couldn't call up the menu in VR mode before. Try this new version.

As shown below, I add a new trigger mode. Grab(Hold)+Trigger

Important: After holding down Grab, you need to aim the handle ray at the target within 1.5s and press the trigger lightly. The menu will pop up. If it exceeds 1.5s, the process needs to be restarted.

The left hand still opens the system menu and the right hand opens the scene menu.


1. Add more Misc items.

2. Added a menu item with a quick jump.
In this way, there is no target item in the menu item provided.
You can execute this command to jump to the full add menu.
1.Added a new menu group "Select menu group" .Add multiple related selection commands.

2.Add undo/redo functions(Default shortcut key Ctrl + Z / Ctrl + Y,Of course, you can also customize shortcut keys).
The plug-in supports the undo and redo functions of all atoms in the scene(Delete, add, position, rotate).
But the function is still limited.I'm developing a menu item to undo and redo for a single atom.In addition, I'm letting Undo Redo support more projects.
Embedding VamInputServer.dll into the plugin. var.
1. Add a switch: whether to filter out the closed atoms.

2. Fixed the plug-in error problem in some cases.
3. Fixed the problem that the Marker ball did not disappear when the marker was closed by shortcut keys.
1. Support saving plug-in settings as presets and loading presets.


2. Menu option optimization.

1. The unexpected pop-up of the menu should have been completely solved. Sensitivity adjustment is also provided (default is recommended usually).

Mouse Move Trigger Sensitivity : The larger the value, the higher the sensitivity.
Mouse Hold Trigger Sensitivity : The smaller the value, the higher the sensitivity.

2. Duplicate function optimization.
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