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Hello everyone ! Here is my first plugin. I was looking for something like that for ages and finally decided to make it.
The original pitch is that I hate seeing that kind of stuff :


Where is the hand ? Do I seriously have to click on each controller and read the description to find where my hand is ? You can't believe how much have I have been annoyed by that.

So I decided to create a plugin to color code those controllers.
Here is the same picture with my plugin on the right :


Now at a single glance you can spot the hands, knee, foot, etc. It will take a bit of time to get use to the colors but it's worth it !

I also added an asymetrical mode. You hate when you can't distinguish the left and right hand ? Well now it's over.


I tinkered a bit on the disabled controllers alpha because I think by default it's too bright and if you lower the opacity in the menu it lowers every controllers which we don't want.
You can remove that change simply by editing the script and putting changeDisabledColored to false.

The code isn't great. I'm not used too Unity or even C# and I did this in one afternoon. I didn't even bother using iterator so it's quite ugly. Also because there is no code in the Update() method, it should cost 0 performance.

If this plugin is somewhat popular I might consider adding more options like adding an internal menu to choose the colors you want to specific controllers or even play with the alpha. I might as well change it as a session plugin.

There are no known bug at the moment but you need to restart vam if you want to effect of the plugin to disappear.

Anyway, feel free to use my code as you like. I don't even care about credit. As far as I know there is no other project like that in existence, but even if it's the case it was fun to develop and I know I will use it a lot personally.

Have a good day !
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  1. Session plugin update

    I've modified the plugin so that it can also work as a session plugin, much more convenient to use.

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Another essential plugin. Thank you!
nice job!!
this is something so simple yet so beneficial, its hard to believe no one did it yet. the UI is such a cluttered mess in VAM, and i really appreciate making it easier to use. suggestion: i think if you'd be able to put in an option for icons (like a small 'h' for hands controller, a uppercase "H" for the head, as example) to represent the controllers it would be even more clear which part is which.
Thaaank... yooouuu....
Great stuff man. Any chance you can do something about the horrible VR pointers lol, would love to change the color of those.
Finally, I can live.
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