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Looks Clara V1


One nude face, Two Eyeliner decals and three lipsticks options
Multiple appearance presets (Regular/Vampire/Walker)
Character Morph
Custom Hairstyle. Note, I'm using legacy Hair V2 scalp for the hairstyle incase you want to use it on your own look
Sculpted feet and hands Normal maps
Clara (Vamp).jpg
Clara (Walker).jpg
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 6 ratings

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Latest reviews

Ren's textures are legendary.
There's no exception here, just wonderful, highly detailed skin. There's the usual fantastic makeup options and eye liner too.
Lovely character morph too.
I use his textures on most of my models now, they're that good!
Thank you!
This is impressive, very good job!
Very good work, thank you! :)
what I can say as always impressive
Me liky when you drop an halloween present.

Awesome work as usual, this will be perfect for Lucy's upgrade in the next hero powers update.

Thank you Ren !
Phenomenal work, as always.
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