[C&G-STUDIO] "PushPush" + "Hey Mama" REM-Doublepack

Paid Scenes [C&G-STUDIO] "PushPush" + "Hey Mama" REM-Doublepack 2021-06-11

The change notes and improvements according to the original Mocaps from 2019 is a bit too long. So we just made a short teaser so you can judge by yourself (y)

Push-Push REM Cover.jpg

Hey Mama - REM - Cover.jpg


SAFE TRAILER of some of our main productions through the last few months. Check it out 💋

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Fantastic quality MoCaps and great atmosphere. The camride in VR is fantastic but needs good VR legs! Keep up the great work Gato and the ladies!
Wow, Thank you for your great feedback! Somehow for me it also displays VaMs capabilities. Same MoCaps but two years of intensive learning curve inbetween makes a difference I think. There is still so much to explore and to learn about VaMs system! Oh and this camride....yeah I called it "hellride" afterwards. The most intensive camride we´ve done so far. wanted to test the limits on how far I can go until it becomes somehow "undesirable". Well....that far :P (Gato) Anyway I´ve seen you became a patreon of us earlier today. WOW, thank you and welcome to the crew! I hope you enjoy!
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