C&G-Angels "Josy, 23"

Looks C&G-Angels "Josy, 23" 2021-05-03

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A MoCap / Show always needs a model to fit, right?
So basically this is one of our models we use in our productions. These models are a "side-effect" only, so called a bonus to our main production (you know this MoCap thingy we´re doing). We called them "R-Line" models earlier, now "angels". By creating those models we´re following the rule to only use build-in morphs. So basically it´s just moving around some sliders left&right until it fits. No custom texture, no custom morphs. We´re just too dumb creating good custom skins and so on but are looking out for ppl. in the future to help us creating more unique models.

But since we think they´re getting better and better its time to share them from time to time to give the communty something back again. Please note these creations belong to Chrizzy only! The only thing I do about these models is to add some clothes in the scene and bitching around with her if I think there could be something better.

Here is some additional info if you haven´t given up reading yet :p

HAIR by Miki (You´re doing a damn good job! We just customized a style a bit)

Miki - Cyberpunk Hairstyles

CLOTHING (eyes) by Hunting-Succubus ( without your eyes item every model would look like a puppet! thank you!)

Hunting-Succubus - Enhanced Eyes 2

And here some more information about us.....

*This is our Instagram Profile wich Chrizzy is running for you ( the content is going to grow over time). Its mostly about Chrizzys work in the studio.

*You are always welcome to join our free DISCORD server
-> WIPs
-> Trailers
-> Release Dates
-> Personal Contact
-> Technical support by us, feedbacks and more

SAFE TRAILER of some of our main productions through the last few months.

Thanks for reading this long post and have a great time!

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