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At present, I spend a lot of energy on plug-in development, in order to provide more possibilities for the community.
There are some popular plug-ins in my Patreon and they are constantly updated.
And I'm constantly developing new plug-ins.
Good ideas and suggestions are also very welcome.
I really hope you can come to Patreon to support me
🙏 .
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Through a period of hard work. BlenderLikeOperationPro is comming now.
The Pro version of the code has been completely rewritten. The function has been greatly enhanced.
bellow is a simple video demo:

This plugin allows you to manipulate VAM logic like the Blender view interface. For example, G+X (moving along the X-axis), G+Y (moving along the Y-axis), etc. At present, the basic operations (translation, rotation, scale, pull closer and fartherare, atom fast duplicate , atom batch edit ).

Welcome to give me feedback and let me make this plug-in better.


add plugin as ScenePlugin or SessionPlugin and have fun.
I have explained the operation in detail in the plug-in interface.

1.Because VAM has occupied some shortcut keys. So the shortcuts used in this plugin are not exactly the same as those used in Blender (for example, the scale shortcut has been changed to E). Switching axes (x, y, z) is also changed to numeric keys (1, 2, 3).

Here are the features that have been included.More features are being added.
I'm committed to making it one of the best editors in Desktop mode, and stay tuned. Greatly improve the efficiency of operation.
I also look forward to your valuable advice to help me make this plug-in better.

1. Selection of multiple objects (box selection, like Blender).

Contains a variety of selection modes: add, subtract, reverse, all, etc.

2.The operation of multiple objects.

Move, rotate, scale, delete, copy (still in development).

3. Undo / redo function based on multi-object (currently supports displacement, rotation, scaling, adding Atom, deleting Atom (under development)).

4. Automatic adsorption system.

Automatically prompts for adsorption when you move an object, and currently contains two modes (align to controller / align to the mouse position).

5. Right mouse button menu.

This is a very useful feature that I added by adding a right-click menu.

A lot of common features can be added later. Greatly improve our efficiency.

6. Built-in multi-view alignment.

Support common view alignment, just like the 3D modeling software we usually use

Support common view alignment, just like the 3D modeling software we usually use.
There are other follow-up functions.

- MacGrubber - thanks for making MacGrubber_Utils.cs, very useful script
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