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Bella the Babysitter

Looks Bella the Babysitter 2022-11-23


Ever since she turned 18, Bella's relationship with her employer has started to change. For one, sometimes when Mr. Neilson books her to babysit, the kids aren't even there! Sure, she's been developing a crush on him, but there's no way anything could ever happen, is there? Before Bella can build up the courage to make a move, Mr. Neilson goes ahead and does the unthinkable, he marries Bella's mother! What is a girl supposed to do?


Hi, I'm Scarlett and I've been writing erotica for approximately a million years now. I thought it might be fun to create a VAM look to go along with one of my stories, so to that end I bring you Bella the babysitter!

I haven't published this story yet because I have a bunch of stories backed up that I need to bite the bullet on and get editing, but I wanted to get the look out now since she is done already. If you're reading this anytime after early 2023, you'll be able to find Bella's story on Amazon, along with my hundreds of thousands of words worth of other smut:



Disclaimer: In my stories you'll find lots of barely legal, dub con, shifter, pseudo-incest and daddy daddy daddy, and if that's not your kind of thing then that is all good, please don't read it nor tell me it's not your thing or that it shouldn't be anybody's thing. All characters are ficticious and aged at least 18 years and 1 second.




All pics are taken in game with no post-processing except the following ones, where I attempted to take her for a nice walk along the beach at sunset:


Bella BabysitterVacation1height-1080px.jpg

Hair: Spring Long Tuck by Roac https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/spring-long-hairs.24567/
Eyes: Enhanced Eyes Realistic by Hunting Succubus https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/enhanced-eyes.798/overview-panel
Texture by me (body text built off base female)
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 2 ratings

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Latest reviews

Superhot look and story thanks!
Thank you! :)
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A beautiful look! Also, any chance you're going to start creating stories in VAM instead of just text? I'd be very interested in that as well. You can even use some great free AI voices (text to speech) with emotion.
I've certainly thought about it, but it's a whole other learning curve for sure!
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