An updated Look and new Texture/Map

An updated Look and new Texture/Map

This is an update version of my lookalike hero ....and an Idea for an integrated Head Vein
This my first forehead vein test - so please feel free to try around with the "skin materials2" bumpiness-sliders.
This forehead vein is such an underestimated facial feature - that I have never seen in any virtual faces. It helps to underline certain emotions even more dramatically (loud laughter, excitement, extreme anger ...). To what extent this vein can be activated by collision queries and then deactivated again remains to be seen. To be honest, I don't know if it is possible to activate facial textures via a collison.

All other facial features in this texture are supported by the good old specular and normal maps. (pores, scars, liver spots ...). The ingame maps are of course very good, but they are not exactly accurate in the area of the eyebrows and, moreover, the features of the individual face are not supported.

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