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New profile posts

Hi All,

I am mostly making free models for VAM, though I will make some other content as I need it myself and deem it useful to the community.

I aim to make each model from scratch and have to her own distinct look and feel. I use a very random workflow using a large ever growing library of custom face morphs I have created in 3rd party software. I basically follow the rabbit till I get a look that I like which has not failed me yet. I don't have a clue what a model will become when I start and that's the way I like it, I feel the results speak for themselves.

My released content is free and must not be used for the creation or promotion of any paid content in any form whatsoever without prior agreement. I'm and easy going guy and chances are I will say yes. I am quite happy to offer commercially licensed versions of existing models or take commissions for exclusive models if you wish - please contact me here or on Discord to discuss your needs.

That said I love seeing the girls in the wild so please use them in any free content you are making just remember to credit me and link back to the hub

My only issue is I have trouble letting go and posting these models so if you see anything on Discord you really want please contact me and pressgang me into it!!

As a free content creator I get my kicks from downloads, emoji and reviews so please take the time to like, love, wow and review my content and the other great creators who put in hours of their time for nothing other than the love.

Thanks for all the help from the VaM community. There's a lot of talented people here. I know these scenes take many many hours to develop so just wanted to recognize the hard work everyone's putting in.
I assure you that I am not plagiarizing. If there is a similarity with someone else's model, then this is just a coincidence. Please understand me correctly. Sincerely.
Frankly, until yesterday, I did not see your work. Where could I get paid content? However, I will delete the model if necessary. Waiting for your reply.
No need to delete it. Just next time give a link from original creators page please. You can say 'model based from' this creator..
Good. Good luck with your creativity!
Hi Romolas,
Thank you for publishing your scene "The Shed".
I have in my to do list to convert some sex toys and noticed your scene includes a nice little collection. So, in order to not duplicate the effort and convert the same set, may I ask where yours are coming from?
Many thanks!
No problem! Yeah so most of those toys are from TGC. The fruit and veg are from me 😁. Both available for free on the hub:
Great free stuff, content comes out relatively quickly too.

On another note, I must ask, where does your profile picture come from? I swear I have seen something like that before.
Issue with the Art 05 Queen.
Hi you can download this to fix the hair. Let me know if i works out. Just send me a DM on my profile.
love your work,......especially your milfs and now boys,..... may I have the link to your discord?
in my last "season" of vam/playing time (the only VR thing I load) I was getting lost in a lot of nice and soon delusional experience. Wishing you my best I hope you will give us another 2069-like jewel .... you deserve a lot of respect and honest appreciation for your creations.
Thank you keycode :oops:
Something is on the way, I'm trying to get something really clean to make a tiny teaser... (which doesn't mean at all that it is going to be released anytime soon :p)
hey spacedog
Thanks for your comment on my scene. I am new to the community and especially the sharing part is new to me. I totally see the point your making about the dependencies, but I don't understand why my scene generates so many of them. A lot of those dependencies are not even in the scene.. , a moderator mentioned I shouldn't worry about it since it's mostly there to be safe. Better have to many then to few he mentioned.
But now that you mention it I see other scenes have far less, so I wonder what I do differently..
Do you have any idea where I start to improve this? (I mean besides not including other's people stuff), because it's not that I use so many stuff right? I see other scenes that have similar list of credits..

Your tip about stuff from the hub is a good point already! I will keep that in mind thanks..
With that many dependencies it will be tough to weed out all the problematic ones. My suggestion would be to start with a fresh scene and try to keep a close eye on what goes in it. Lots of dependencies isn't a bad thing, so long as people can easily find them.

Are you using Easy Mate? I suspect that is adding some dependencies, so you might want to make sure that isn't enabled too.
No I don't use easy mate. And most of the dependencies aren't from the scene, that's what I find strange. (I do download a lof of stuff and It looks like stuff i downloaded). But I don't know when it decides to mention it, but i'll keep an eye on it as you suggest from the beginning in the next story.. I must so i experiment a lot, so sometimes I add stuff in and remove it later..

Luckily there hasn't been any people complaining about missing stuff, so I hope it's mostly just the view that's messy. I thought I mentioned all the important ones in the credit/link section.
I am still searching a bit for how I want my stuff to share.. i'm thinking of trying a picture comic story, I am not to into the animation part anyway and that way I can avoid a lot of the referencing / dependency part..
anyway thanks for the comment.. i'll keep it in mind. see if I can improve upon it.
Holy shit dude. Keep making stuff, it's amazing what you do. Quality +++ :)
Thanks so much 😄 Don't worry, there's more where that came from 😉
Putting a few finishing touches to the new environment for VAMMoan + VAMafx new demo.
VAMMoan is an audio plugin that drives moans for your characters, and well... you already know VAMafx. If you don't, check it out here.

hello. thank you so much for your generosity and awesome models already but I was wondering how I could obtain that Psylock costume.
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