1. Xstatic

    Assets Horrors and Bob 1

    A collection of around 30 creepy creatures for adding atmoshpere to scenes. Most are animated a few have multiple animations like idle and walk. Most do not having physics im not sure how to add them to animated things it doesnt work the same as it does on stationary objects...
  2. Xstatic

    Assets Particle pack #11 Flames part 2 1

    I altered my old flames to look better as a fireball in the hand for casters. Created lines of fire for making trails on the ground or flaming symbols like pentagrams. Two different floors made of flame one is wavy the other flat. Circles of fire. Each has multiple color and some have...
  3. Xstatic

    Assets Particle Pack #10 Magic Spheres 1

    Magic spheres with multiple sizes and multiple colors. Great for spells and forcefields/prisons, glowing staff effects and seizures. Oh wait probably dont use these if you get seizures.
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