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weight gain

  1. _bury

    Scenes Hucow Simulator Demo 0.0.1

    Version 2 of this scene is currently live for testing on Patreon, Check it out here! Take care of your very own HuCow! Keep your hucow happy by remembering your milking duties, and buying new clothes! Remember, milking your HuCow will stimulate breast growth, make sure to give *both* breasts...
  2. mrmr32

    Scenes The lab 1.1.3 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-SA

    In The lab you're a scientist testing a new substance that performs morph animations in both a male and a female. The different injection loads performs weight gain transformations, bimbofication transformations, and a gender bend transformation. Attributions "MorphInjection"...
  3. mrmr32

    Scenes Simple weight gain scene 1.1 Hub-Hosted VAR FC

    This scene is an example of what can be achieved combining my plugins TriggerIncrementer and ItemDuplicator, with almost no elements to achieve this result. Thanks to Sweets pack for the ice cream model, and DogFoodBowlSet for the bowl.
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