volumetric lighting

  1. PluginIdea

    Scenes High Performance VolumeLight Plugin DEMO 1.1

    This is a simple example of a volume light plug-in, which shows some core functions of volume light. Volume light has many useful parameters to help you achieve colorful and real volume light effects. Not all of them are shown in this example. You can go to the plug-in panel for more detailed...
  2. Feisama

    Other Laser Module - SC001 1.0

    Sonic Component 001 - Laser Module is a clean, standalone tool set to help you create your own laser shows within a few mouse clicks. This is going to be the very first release of a full modularized component series (and yes, they will always be free), as seen on my Sonic Prive 1.0 - Your...
  3. Feisama

    Scenes Sonic Stage 2.11 - Major Upgrade - The Ultimate Dancing Scene & Music Video Creation Suite 2.11e

    中文技术支持和视频创作交流 QQ 群 625636725 Demo #1 (G)I-DLE - Nxde Demo #2 BoA - Forgive Me Demo #3 SECRET NUMBER - Got That Boom Happy Chinese New Year everyone, here comes the Sonic Stage 2.11 major upgrade release. What's New in 2.11 - Complete new stage design. Sonic Stage is now a...
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