1. Burn


    in honor of the "Firestarter" remake coming out soon, maybe out already . I used many resources all of which can be found in the free resource section, if anyone feels I should link everything used let me know and I will.
  2. Norm

    Assets Campfire 3

    CAMPFIRE Be careful with fire! New higher resolution fire. For compatibility with the NoStage3.UnityAssetVamifier plugin, stones and firewood have been added separately (use the plugin only for stones) Change the dimensions to your liking. The archive structure has been preserved for...
  3. Xstatic

    Assets Particle pack #11 Flames part 2 1

    I altered my old flames to look better as a fireball in the hand for casters. Created lines of fire for making trails on the ground or flaming symbols like pentagrams. Two different floors made of flame one is wavy the other flat. Circles of fire. Each has multiple color and some have...
  4. Z

    Looks Tharja v2

    Join my Discord! Tharja is out! If you want to support my creations and incentivize more - Used resources from Ambros489 and ninetalescommander to make this possible ________ UPDATE: New VAM hair included in v2! _________ FEATURES Has 3 variants of hair...
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