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  1. 22 Palace Cage Poses

    Poses 22 Palace Cage Poses 2024-06-24
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    22 Palace Cage Poses Commissions are open if any of you are interested! Feel free to use in your scenes both free and paid, credit would be amazing! Required Asset: https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/palace-cage-furniture.48013/ Consider Supporting me on Patreon to help me make more content...
  2. Palace Cage Furniture

    Assets Palace Cage Furniture 2024-06-23
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    Palace Cage Furniture Assets by Samuel F. Johanns (Oneironauticus)
  3. Lingerie Fight - (R)oxy vs (R)aya with Custom Octagon

    Paid Scenes Lingerie Fight - (R)oxy vs (R)aya with Custom Octagon 1

    Bringing you ringside to a Lingerie Fighting Championship style match between (R)oxy and her worthy opponent (R)aya. Scene includes two custom designed looks. (R)aya has got a little more tush than her namesake 'cause I felt the extra bounce on the matt would be enjoyable. (R)oxy is as sweet as...
  4. Cage

    Assets Cage 1.0
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-SA

    The cage is created as a subscene. You can load it from the var archive to any scene and use it in your video/comics without my permission.
  5. BDSM basement

    Paid Assets BDSM basement 1.0

    Resources that I used in the scene. https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/wooden-table-hp-d935494cceaa416aa73386bde206aeab https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/torture-tools-25964da2ef7f4617955e1657a305e753 https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/wooden-tub-3d25ffa39ef24c48b2138a776e5cc931...
  6. life in the cage

    Paid Scenes life in the cage 2.0

    Version 2.0 released,Two motion capture footfetish scenes about 12 minutes. ------------------------------------- Two-person motion capture scene with voice,Experience the feeling of being imprisoned in a cage with pov,please do not drag or fast forward the time, otherwise it may cause voice...
  7. Dungeon-Room Enviroment

    Assets Dungeon-Room Enviroment 1.0
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC-ND

    Adds a Dungeon Enviroment for your dark desires. Contains Assetbundels for Clutter,Cages,Dungeon-Archetecture and more. Just go to D:\YOURLOCATION\VAM\Custom\Assets\NiceJob\Objects Items and Clutter and you will find all the Assetbundles to make your own Enviroments with. I do not own the...
  8. Slut Cage

    Assets Slut Cage 1
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC-ND

    ♥ Description and how to use Another BDSM themed addon - 2 variants of the slut cage. See pics - pretty self explanatory, right? ;) Custom mesh and textures. Use it like any other CUA. Poses for each variant included. Variant 1: Arms on the sides Variant 2: Arms on the back ♥ License and...
  9. BDSM Asset Pack

    Assets BDSM Asset Pack V1.0
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC

    A small collection of BDSM assets intended for use with my BDSM room. (Or anywhere really, I'm not a cop!) The package contains - Leather Chesterfield Chair (By "Vitaliy Marusev" From sketchfab, Retextured by myself)) Steel Cage Steel Collar Steel Cuffs Steel Spreader Cuffs I have many more...
  10. Steel cage Stockings

    Paid Clothing Steel cage Stockings 1

    A stocking made of steel,6 styles. Include full length,pants,stockings,socks etc. Special thanks to Author @EROS for the look Qin.
  11. Steel cage Top

    Paid Clothing Steel cage Top 1

    A tight suit made of steel,include torso,shoulders and forearms. Special thanks to Author @EROS for the look Qin. 如果你是中国国内的朋友想要单件下载,可以访问: Clothing:Steel Cage Top 这可以使用微信支付购买单件。
  12. Sado Horse

    Assets Sado Horse 1.0

    Simple but indispensable item for your sadomaso scenes. Note: Model loock used for screenshot: Chloe1.0 ( Soon Downlodable for Cs Digital gold Patreon )
  13. The punisher cage V3

    Paid Scenes The punisher cage V3 3

    There are two new machines and everything is fully automated. https://www.patreon.com/posts/39856674
  14. The cage for naughty girls

    Paid Scenes The cage for naughty girls 2020-07-16

    The cage is here. This is the second part of the scene. Patreon link: https://www.patreon.com/posts/cage-for-naughty-39380393
  15. Cage Bed

    Paid Assets Cage Bed v1

    https://discord.gg/CdgaMxRcgc Alt pages: Gangbang Content Click Here Environment Content Click Here Personal Enjoy. 5 versions: BedCageTrash, BedCageTrash Extended, Cage Bed Only, Cage Only, Bed Only Powered by PodFlower 3.0
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