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  1. Blue Lynea

    Looks Blue Lynea 1 CC BY

    Blue Lynea, Kayla version Blue Lynea main version(shown below) references RenVR's Lila Textures available on his patreon. Bathroom asset not included. Credit for Vars referenced(not included) RenVR- Lila textures Clothing (Eyes): Hunting-Succubus Clothing Hanis Outfit- Oeshii SupaRioAmateur...
  2. Estelle G

    Looks Estelle G 1 CC BY

    Look is inspired by a great beauty, although not a faithful recreation. Jversion references RenVRs Jinx skin available on his patreon. Eversion uses built in Evey skin which I think looks very similar. Evey version Credits: Hunting-Succubus - Enhanced_Eyes Kemenate-Kemenate Decals Female...
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